Altar of Wisdom – AutoGrid8 1.8 (Max4Live)


AutoGrid is a Max 4 Live audio device, that creates random grid synths patterns from up to 4 incoming tracks, and mixes them with current track, ducking it if needed.

I’s a huge timesaver for building interesting FM patterns with different sounds, or sequencing arpeggios or basslines, making sure they don’t overlap whatsoever.

AutoGrid offers the following parameters:

– control or the four incoming signal levels and current track one.

– occurrences weight control between the 4 sounds

– time allocation control between: 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 occurrences

– minimum and random length per note

– mix amount between current track and stutter, and duck amount when stutter plays

– stutter probability (to insert some random silences and thus lower density)

– smooth parameter to avoid clicks/pops or on the opposite to glue the sounds together for fading them in or out

– fully automatable parameters

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Please note you need to have Max 4 Live to use this device (included with Ableton Live Suite, or available as an add-on for other Live versions)

Update 1.1:

- Added the possibility of slowing down the whole device, to trigger sequences up to 16 bars

- Check out this feature ! You can have Autogrid take inputs from Instruments racks, not only whole tracks !

More info on my YouTube channel: