Altar of Wisdom – The Acolyte (VST/AU)


The Acolyte is the little brother of The GridFather, more precisely it’s the almost exact VST/AU version of my AutoPlay device, with all the bells and whistles!


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The Acolyte is a AU/VST/VST3 plugin for Windows and macOS, that processes incoming (usually one long monophonic note) input, and automatically plays random sequences based on it, providing:

Time allocation control between 4 different lengths between 1/32 and 1/2 (including dotted and triplets).
Global time multiplier to slow down the device up to 64x
Minimum and maximum gate per note
Minimum and maximum velocity per note
Note probability (to insert some random silence and thus lower density)
Transposition probability (to output randomly pitched note)
Pitch transpose in octaves, up to 5 octaves
Per note probability when transposing (starting from incoming note, range 1 to 12 get a chance between 0 and 100). Note chances can also be set Up automatically to follow one scale among 65+ with a simple menu !
A fully loopable random engine, memorizing the 5 latest sequences to allow to get back to them at any moment, using a simple number
Automatic modulation of one Midi CC upon note trigger (rest/min/max value and ramp time)
Automatic pitch bend modulation upon note trigger (rest/min/max value and ramp time)

Put it on one track with a long midi note, create an instrument track and have it listen to the first one, and you're done (you can play or record)