Altar of Wisdom – AutoGlitch (Max4Live)


AutoGlitch (Max4Live) is the crazy sibling of Autoplay, borrowing to it its random step sequencer, but using that step sequencer to control not only volume but many included effects.



At the heart of AutoGlitch stand a stuttering engine, decomposing each of the main steps into a sub-glitches sequence of up to 32 stutters, play forward or backward, up to 8x faster, with their random param section.

Following the stutter section I've added many randomly controlled effects:

A repan section
A bitcrush/downsample engine
A pitch shifter (-48/48 semitones)
A comb filter
A multimode filter

Plus after all that, a delayed feedback loop allowing to feed the ouptut sound of the device back to 3 different sections of it!

Beware, this device needs to be tamed as it's quite versatile and it may mangle your input sound into something unrecognizable!