‘A mentor is  someone who can offer correction without resentment, a good mentor has a sincere interest in people, they can help a person see who they can be, rather than who they currently are’

Below you will find hand picked mentors who can assist you on your musical journey, reach out and make contact with them and trust their ability to influence and challenge you to fulfil your creative potential.

Scionaugh (AUS)

 //Psy-oh-nor// : “To Know Nothing”

Combining influences from techno, psytrance and bass music, Scionaugh curiously creates a unique and engaging experience. Progressing from deep and grooving to light and bouncy, Scionaugh’s organic sound is everpresent, conjuring funkadelic creatures to tell his story in a rich and detailed soundscape.



Pspiralife (AUS)

I teach and provide mentorship primarily via private online tuition. I specialize in Dark Progressive, Zenonesque with a focus on creative philosophy rather than purely technical aspects of sound design. However, due to my experience in composition and production in general, I am quite flexible as a mentor.

I also teach Bitwig Studio with a focus on generative modular patch design suitable for live performance of Forest-PsyTrance.

Thalamus (FR)

Thalamus is my versatile musical project. I mainly focus on psychedelic styles but I am always in search of new territories to discover. The core of this project is to have fun with music, so no limitations of styles are set with me!

I could lead you in depth with creative sound design, arrangement of your tracks, melodies and a lot more aspects of music production. I offer one on one mentorship and I occasionally do zoom meetings on the Collective Intelligence discord server! (European evening times + week end)

I am French so I can offer French sessions as well as English ones.



Shep (UK)

My goal is to help you push your technical and creative boundaries with concise and focused tutorials. Most of the content is presented in Ableton Live and occasionally Logic Pro X. as well as creating YouTube tutorials I also offer face to face tutorials in 1:1 and group formats. I specialise in Psychedelic trance and Drum and Bass production. I do however have many projects spanning multiple genres.