This page is dedicated to recognising unique and driven individuals pour their creative intention into music. 

Below you will find a small curated list that showcases their ability to move the dancefloor and expand minds.

Dadda (SE)

Dadda is the nickname and project of Mattias Dahdouh. Living in Stockholm, Sweden, Dadda has been deeply involved in the psytrance scene for quite some times as a party promoter but also as a DJ.

Like many of us he shares a lot of love for electronic music and his journey began as a kid, collecting and listening to a lot of big beat and breakbeat before discovering psytrance at a very young age of 9.

Today his taste has been refined and lies towards the more groovy night time music but also the UK psychedelic style as well. Even though DJing is mainly his thing today, producing music is something that has been drawing his attention more and more.

Androidus (NZ)

Androidus is the creative embodiment of Andrew McGill-Brown, a New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based electronic music composer.

An early interest in progressive and extreme genres of music has led to the birth of a unique and complex electronic sound. Rich futuristic and psychedelic sound-scapes are carefully crafted, exploring light hearted and playful grooves.

This is fulfilling a lifelong dream of creative musical expression, with the goal of spreading a positive vibe to anyone willing to listen.

StomPsy (AUS)

StomPsy is the project of Sean Crole, psychedelic trance DJ and producer based in Tasmania, Australia. 

From an early age his passion for live music was no secret, attending gigs and outdoor festivals was a frequent occurrence. His passion for Psytrance was discovered at a small outdoor party where Ace Ventura played an unforgettable 3 hour set. He has always been passionate and inspired by the music industry, and Psytrance allowed him to share this passion with others.