Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence is a Music Production School, focused on education inside of Ableton Live. A digital audio workstation. We create YouTube Videos, but also work with students face to face in one on one lessons, class rooms and interactive workshops in festivals and private venues.

The goal of Collective Intelligence is to connect with individuals and foster a positive attitude toward learning and creation, with the core belief that a healthy, open heart and mind will accelerate the learning process and also manifest powerful unique creative energy.

The intelligence is out there and it belongs to all of humanity, not select individuals. Let’s collect it and share it together.


Andrew McGill-Brown

Andrew was born in Invercargill, New Zealand riggght at the tail end of the 80’s. He grew up on rural farmland with his 3 Siblings & Mother and Father.

During his teen years he discovered a passion for heavy metal and video games, which guided him toward some of the most influencial figures in his life. Notable mentions being TOOL, Deftones, Behemoth, Killswitch Engage and more… as well as World of Warcraft, Age of Empires, Diablo 2 and DoTA on the video game side of things.

Around the age of 24 he picked up the guitar to fulfil a life long dream of being a guitarist and in the process installed Ableton so he could record his hopeless attempts at playing.

He quickly found he was more attracted to Ableton than the guitar at that point in life so he began diving into the software searching for helpful YouTube videos and experimenting with heavy broken beat styles of electronic music.

Eventually discovering other Electronic Genre’s led to the beginning of explorations with Psychedelic Trance and the creation of Collective Intelligence and his music project Mind Mirror.

Along side his love for music and video games he enjoys connecting with ambitious individuals of all backgrounds, designing and building speakers as well as philosophical and political discussion.

Andrew is a very approachable and people oriented person – so feel free to say Hello!